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Amateur Radio

You mean to say that there are still people who know and use Morse Code?

When I was at Gettysburg College, I bought a cotton kepi hat with the Signal Corps insignia and learned some Civil War communications codes. It was because of this that I became very interested in learning Morse code. I was thrilled when I found out that there are people who still use Morse code to talk! They were a part of something called amateur radio.

Amateur radio is a lot more than Morse code (called CW), though. Amateur radio operators (called hams) do a lot for the community. They participate in local races and events, assist in emergencies and disasters, and contribute to the advancement of technical knowledge. There are lots of local clubs and many fun ham events to see. It is a vast hobby with a friendly community and lots of room for exploration - sounds just like what I've been looking for!
.September 2007.