Characters and Set Design

Maeshite – an old man
Nochijite – ghost of Minamoto no Hiromasa
Waki: A priest from Byodoin Temple in Uji
Ai: a Kyoto citizen

Props: a fan depicting red and green colored flora for the maeshite, a golden fan depicting musical instruments for the nochijite, and a flute tucked into the fold of the nochijite’s costume

Settings: Byodoin, Uji; Suzaku Gate in Kyoto, evening

Maeshite – green robe, old man mask
Nochijite – deep blue formal Heian court robe, e-boshi court cap, chujo mask
Waki: golden-brown robe
Ai: teal robe with plain design

.Megan McCarty - September 2007.