Suzaku Gate Movements and Dance

Diagram 1. Opening Movements of the Shite
(shite enters and stands at shite spot and chants)
Shadow of Suzaku
Evening cloak again draws over
1. Slowly mounting (moves forward, pause)
2. Clouds of silk brush past the moon (turns slowly to move left)
Its glow is a reflection
from a silver mirror
from a great mirror
3. The heavens’ dance is (point to right, scoop and move forward)
4. The color of mystery, (open)
Its music, the wind’s sigh
Memory of the Genjo strings
And times now past
5. I witness the moon’s passing (slowly turns to the left, gathering energy)
6. Floating by like the (moves slightly left and forward, faces front)
Countless ten-thousand years
And it is also said:
7. Left to wait for golden dawn, (takes one step forward, and scoop fan)
8. Twin leaves collect dew (opens fan)
9. Upon their red and green fronds
(raises fan before face)
10. A work of art, this (bring fan overhead and drop to side)
11. When art was a man’s riches (face front)
Diagram 2. Short Lyrical Dance
1. Glorified in times (forward point)
2. When butterflies danced to sho (open–motion like wings)
3. But Hafutatsu’s (remain still)
4. Voice no longer can be heard (circle to back center of stage)
5. Only forlorn winds (small zigzag)
6. Rustling the pine branches (forward point)
7. Smoke of change shrouds (open fan and draw fan before face)
8. The glory of the Heian (raise fan over head)
9. Mist of time obscures (turn right to right corner)
10. The splendor of the ancients (moving forward, scoop fan)
11. “Though I vowed that I (begin to slowly lower fan, pausing…)
12. Would think no more of the past (bring fan slowly overhead)
13. Here I am, sleeves drenched.” (bring left hand up in crying motion)
14. A long night to pass (open)
15. Alone in the darkness (turn and move left, curving backstage)
16. Coming or going (point toward stage left)
17. All will travel different paths (open)
18. All will travel different paths (shite begins his exit, turning right)
Diagrams 3 & 4. Lyrical Dance
1. Green robe-sleeves, red crowns, (rise)
2. And a chrysanthemum hat (forward point)
3. Chorus: Tone of lute and flute (open)
4. Shite: Tossed by storms, “Blue Ocean Waves” (small zigzag, first right then left, hit sleeve with fan)
5. Palace of song (point, move to center)
6. Court of elegant music (continuation of this movement)
7. Lord Autumn, guard her gate, (face forward)
8. Calming fearful nights with (open)
9. Breath of the twinleaves, (scoop fan, raise to face)
10. Solfege chanted by the wind (open fan, bring around before face)
11. Lulling age-old spirits (slowly bring fan overhead)
12. Mikado’s musician (circle to upstage left)
13. Called to holy chambers (lift fan overhead to shade face)
14. Then, waits on Kaguya’s moon (circle back left)
15. Marker of time’s change (small zigzag)
16. Even red autumn leaves scatter (open)
17. Over cicada fields (begin left-right zigzag, 2 steps left)
18. Autumn may die, but Lord Autumn, (continue, arch to upper stage right)
19. Stands Suzaku watch (turn, facing forward, lower fan)
20. He, aged as these gateway beams, (face left, stomp)
21. Towering pillars (face right, stomp, face front)
22. Gate where dreams play in shadows (open)
23. Left in the darkness (circle left to starting spot)
24. Splendor of the Golden Age (ending scoop)
25. Faded in the mist

.Megan McCarty - September 2007.